5 Ways to Have an Amazing Photoshoot

I don’t know about you, but I can easily take 15 selfies’ trying to get a photo of me that looks  juuusst right; all of my family and friends would attest to this. I take that same careful and precise approach when I am on a shoot with my clients. I will find the right angles and right light so when you see yourself in the photo, you feel proud and happy about how good you (and your family) looks!  Because let’s face it, your beauty is worth being captured – at the right angle and in the right light with the perfect outfit!

In order to make sure I am offering that quality experience, it’s important that there is nothing for you to be concerned with on the day of the shoot. And chances are you may not have your professional photo taken frequently, so I put together the top 5 things that you will feel ready to go when the day comes!

1)    Plan to have fun! When you relax and have fun, your natural beauty automatically shines through (seriously!) So, my ultimate goal is to make sure you are enjoying yourself.

2)    We will communicate in advance of the shoot! I like to have a call/a couple e-mail exchanges or brief meeting with you (my client) in advance of the shoot to talk about any questions you have and so that we can set clear expectations.

3)    And almost just as important – its best to communicate what we discuss with whoever else is part of the shoot (family, friends, partner). Chances are they want to know what to expect too.

4)    Wear something you feel good in and want to be remembered in. However, avoid busy patterns that can be distracting. It also helps to put a little extra effort into your “look” on the day of the shoot. Avoid shiny powders and lotions with SPF as they don’t play nice with the camera flash!*

5)    The digital age is our friend! The amazing thing about digital photography is that we can take 100’s of photos just to get the perfect one. So, don’t stress if you don’t look directly at the camera for every shot or your hair flies in your face, chances are it will happen, and guess what? It doesn’t matter because it will be edited out of the final cut that is sent!

Honestly, even if you don’t work with me and you try even 1 of these tips you will be on your way to a successful shoot!

*There is the age old saying that looking good helps you feel good. But it’s also important you feel like YOU. So, don’t go to overboard – unless that is your look! Empowerment starts with owning you are! – which is the foundation for success in life and on the shoot! (no puns in intended!)